Female college student constipation for 17 days "The large intestine reaches the heart!"

A 23-year-old female college student in Taiwan revealed on the 25th that she had constipation since she was a child. She often had to squat on the toilet for one or two hours to solve it. The longest record was 17 days without stool. She did not expect to have a barium photography. X-rays discovered that her large intestine was squeezed to the position close to the heart! Because the X-rays of female college students were so amazing, they caused heated discussions after being forwarded by netizens. 

According to Taiwan media reports, the female college student posted on "Dcard" on the 25th that "My large intestine has grown to the heart", stating that she suffered from constipation since she was a child. The longest record was 17 days without bowel movements, but she finally came out. She had stools one by one. She has been seeing doctors everywhere since she was a child, but most of them just told her to drink more water and eat more vegetables. After trying it, it didn’t work. Later, I went to find relevant books and talk to the doctor. She said she was going to take barium photography, but after taking a photo, she discovered that her large intestine was too long and it was squeezed into the upper organs. 

The female college student found that the last section of her large intestine had almost no wrinkles. It should be the relationship that accumulated feces for many years. She sighed, “The only solution seems to be to cut off the entire large intestine, but I’m too scared. There are many sequelae."

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